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NUTRIMAN Farmer Paltform

3R zero emission pyrolysis & phosphorus recovery technology and ABC-BioPhosphate: Recovered and BIO-NPK-C compound formulated organic phosphorus fertiliser product are published on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform.

Food Village Exhibition

FOOD 2030: Research & Innovation for Tomorrow's Nutrition & Food Systems' - Food Village 12-13 October, Brussels, Belgium

REFERTIL = BIO-PHOSPHATE recovery from food garde ANIMAL BONES; application oriented S&T reserach and industrial engineering for high added value utilization of the un-exploited (food grade) animal bone biomass potential for advanced organic hortuculral farming and adsorbent use.

STRUBIAS working group

STRUBIAS TWG: Technical working group for the development of possible process and product criteria for sturvite, biochar and ash based products for use in fertilisng products.

The Commission services have selected 31 members and 2 observers for STRUBIAS expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products. Terra Humana Ltd. has been selected as a Member of the STUBIAS expert group.