Team Leader: Lea Lavric

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Company KOTO is Slovenian production and trading company, SME with 173 employees. In year 2009 we created 23.907.705 EUR Annual turnover. Company was grounded in Ljubljana in year 1947 and has long tradition in raw hide collection. Rendering plant was built in 1966 and is now days only open type plant in Slovenia. Companies main activity is collection, transportation and treatment of animal by products category 1,2 and 3. Production takes place in two factories CAT 1/2 and CAT 3. Other activities are: collection and treatment of raw hides, biogas production with cogeneration of electricity and heat, collection and treatment of waste for alternative fuels and other trading activities. Systems are certificated under standards ISO 9001and ISO 14001. 

Participant role in the projectKOTO is animal waste rendering industrial partner. In the WP1. the animal bone meal (cat3) waste streams will be evaluated, incl. the  logistic system in the participant countries. KOTO will supply bone meal feed materials to TERRA fo WP 7. Biochar BAT demonstration and biochar material production for  (WP8)  field trials. KOTO  will define a scale up scenario and Business Plan to SME demonstrate the technical, economical viability and competive advantage of the REFERTIL, for which in WP7. feasibility case study and Business Plan  of BAT biochar technology with scale up capacity 10000 t/year bone charcoal production made. Strawberry cultivation field trials (1.000 m2 ) made in WP 8.1 for 2 years period for evaluation of the mixed compost and biochar product  compared to the conventional mineral fertilizers. Participation in dissemination in WP10.