Team Leader:  Prof. Maria Lodovica Gullino

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Established at the University of Torino in 2002, the Centre of Competence for the innovation in the agro-environmental field, carries out basic and applied research, knowledge and technology transfer, life-long learning and communication on up-to-date topics in the agro-environmental and agro-food sectors. The Centre possesses extensive facilities including laboratories, experimental fields and greenhouses and hosts two National Certified laboratories, one for testing agrochemicals efficacy, the second for Diagnostics of plant pathogens. Four University professors, 40 Ph. D. students, post-doc fellows, consultants and technicians, more than 30 ongoing research projects worldwide, 35 high level courses carried out during the period 2003-2010. These are some of the figures of AGROINNOVA. During the past years AGROINNOVA gained a broad expertise in the coordination of European projects as well as in knowledge and technology transfer in developing and emerging economies, such as China and India. AGROINNOVA top’s organization consists of a President, a Director and a Scientific Council, composed of Italian and foreign eminent researchers representing partner institutions as well as top managers from Institutions and companies, having the important task to address the activities of AGROINNOVA. 

Participant role in the project:  UNITO is a leader of WP8 Field trials validation. In WP8 UNITO will perform field testing of the added value biochar and compost products in different soil conditions. UNITO will also evaluate the biological efficiency of the different available biochar and compost products. Evaluation of the effects for crop productivity, enhanced soil health, improved nutrients availability to plants and potential soil pathogens/diseases suppression. UNITO will also test compost and biochar effects on plant pathogens in greenhouse; Study mode of action of compost and biochar; Assess qualitative and quantitative the effects of compot and biochar on crop development and yields; Isolate microbial antagonists from suppressive composts. UNITO will contribute to the setting up common bio-waste and compost quality targets in WP9. In the WP 10 UNITO will organize a large REFERTIL conference in Italy.