Team Leader:  Dr. László Alexa

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Profikomp was founded in the spring of 2000 based on more than ten years of professional experience. At the moment, the company is market leader in the Hungarian organic waste management sector. Its main activity is environmental engineering that includes designing composting plants, composting technologies, developing and distributing machines and equipment as well as operating as a waste management consultancy. Our aim is to develop an environmental and EU conform waste management system and to introduce environmentally-friendly high quality technologies that are also appropriate for the Hungarian context as far as economic sustainability is concerned. Their main activities are complex engineering and project management in the field of biological waste management, focusing especially on designing composting and mechanical-biological waste treatment plants (MBT), providing recommendations on and delivering technology, as well as providing professional consultancy. As the exclusive Central European representative of closed system, aired and controlled Gore® Cover composting and MBT technology, we offer a complex service for projects from design through setting up and putting into operation composting plants to educating staff and maintenance work and service if required. While in Hungary we assisted the setting up of nearly 50 composting and MBT plants, we have also been active abroad since the starting of the company.

Participation in the project: Composting trials. Profikomp main scientific works will be done in the field of composting, such as Task 1.2. setting up an input material criterion system based on the EU and Member State legislations for production of high quality and environmentally safe end-of-waste compost, Task 3.1 compost assessment, WP6 compost technology improvement for 'end-of-waste' compost production including the evaluating and describing the limitations of composting technologies and systems and possible areas of improvements, while identifying and Proposing the good operational practices and technological improvements. WP7 Best available technology “BAT” demonstration for improved and sustainable compost and biochar production with 1250 tons test production will br done, also setting up compost standards and dissemination in WP10.