Team Leader: Jose Maria Gomez Palacios

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Biomasa del Guadalquivir S.A. is a services company specialised on organic by-products and residuals recycling and production of compost and SRF-solid recovered fuels. The recycling services go beyond the simple process of recycling, covering every step for complete and effective management: (i) Recycling Services and Operation of Treatment Plants, (ii)  Compost and organic fertilisers production.(iii) Solid recovered fuel and pellets production. BGU begins its activity in 2002, with the operation of a old style sludge composting plant in the province of Granada. In 2003, the company joined the European project "3A-BIOGAS CRAFT Programme “Three step fermentation of solid state biowaste for biogas production and sanitation ".With new clients, the initial composting technology, has been progressively replaced by more advanced and environmentally friendly systems. The experience and clients needs, has made BGU to focus on new facilities and different technologies in order to improve the quality and security management, ensuring customer service throughout time. BGU operates different contracts and facilities in Spanish territory, especially in Andalucía and Comunidad Valenciana.

Participant role in the project: BGU core works will be done around composting, Task 3.1 compost assessment, while in task 6.1. will evaluate and describing the limitations of composting technologies and systems and possible areas of improvements, while making small scale composting optimalisation trials in task 6.2. for process improvement and optimisation for increasing the nutrient retaining and minimising the emission. In WP7 best available technology “BAT” demonstration for improved and sustainable compost and biochar production with 750 tons test production will be made, also setting up standards and dissemination in WP10.