Team Leader: Giovanna la Torre 

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The town of Grugliasco is located in the Torino Province and it accounts 37,691 inhabitants in a surface of 13,12 km2.The Municipality of Grugliasco has a political and administrative role. The City Mayor, dott. Marcello Mazzù, the executive board (Giunta) hand-picked by the Mayor and the City Council (Consiglio Comunale) elected by citizens every five years work to run the city and to carry out general policies put forth by the local government.The Municipality include a sector dealing with Sustainable Development where the Agenda 21 Service aims, among others, to implement environmental education policies. Since 2004 Grugliasco has putted in place door to door selective collection system for waste. To spread a recycling culture among the citizenship a specific associations, an association of eco-volunteers was created together with other measures including the tax discount for citizens practicing home composting, the promotion of eco-community center and the activation of an environmental inspection service assisting the local police to monitor the proper discharge of different types of waste.

The Municipality of Grugliasco has over 200 employees; his annual balance sheet amounts to over € 24 million. The Municipality of Grugliasco include a sector dealing with Sustainable Development where the Agenda 21 Office aims, among others, to implement environmental education policies.

The total percent of selective waste collection increase from 17,3% in 2000 to 58,1% in 2008 of which about one third is constituted by organic matter fraction. It means that for a production of 436 kg of waste per inhabitants each year, 253 kg are selectively collected and about 90 kg are constituted by organic matter fraction. This fraction is conferred to the Consortium CIDIU, that serves 10 Municipality of the Torino Province, for composting. In 2008 the Municipality of Grugliasco won a special prize from Legambiente recognizing the towns best practices in waste management. The municipality of Grugliasco was also among the pioneers in Italy of the use of organic food in school canteens and it is the promotor and focal point of the Municipalities Association “Città del Bio”. Moreover during the past few years started an educational program with 12 primary public schools and kindergartens aiming to create several vegetable gardens within “bio class”. Finally, from the early ‘80s the City has assigned to its residents about 350 small plots for cultivation for urban social gardens. The gardeners are organized in a municipal gardens association wich participates to several training session in organic production jointly organized by the Grugliasco Municipality, the Ecovolunteers Network and Agroinnova.

Participant role in the project: Grugliasco City council will be a case study model for studying how the new technology could promote the better, faster, safer, less costly and more envirofriendly transformation of urban organic waste into added value income generation activities in Task 1.3.. . In task 8.4. technical, legislative, cost efficiently, benefit and risk evaluation, detailed SWOT analysis of the compost producing technologies will be made. Participation in dissemination in WP10. Grugliasco City council will also cooperate to the development of new organic waste strategy models for other EU countries urban City Coulcils in WP 9.  and also contribute to the cooperate to policy evaluation and advise to the European Commission to improve EU legislation in the subject; support social and economical impact analysis;