Team Leader: Dr. Lars Elsgaard

Aarhus University (Denmark) covers nine main academic areas including basic, applied, and strategic research as well as research-based advice to the authorities. In 2009 the university had 30,000 students, 1500 PhD students and 550 postdoctoral scholars. In the Shanghai ranking (ARWU) for 2010, Aarhus University is No 98. The Department of Agroecology and Environment has a strong background and expertise in soil quality, nutrient and water management, crop physiology and cropping systems, models and decision support systems at farm level. There is a particular emphasis on the interaction with the environment, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and release of substances harmful to the environment and the soil quality.

Participant role in the project: AU main task is to the TASK 5.5. where his role is the evaluation of effects of biochar application to soils on wide range of soil functions, among others including and studies on ecological risk assessment of biochar production and application AU wil investigate the decomposition of SOM, biochar effects on N cycles, soil nitrification. AU will also participate in the Task 8.3 with monitoring of GHG emission int he field. This field monitoring will take place in the factorial demonstartion plots of VFL. AU also participate in WP2 biochar environmental assessment, biochar recommondation and standardisation in WP 9, AU will also perform the dissemination of project (in WP 10) results.