Coordinator: Edward Someus
Tel: +(36-20) 201 7557 or +(36-20) 805 4727 

Core competence: bio-waste treatment process by pyrolysis, biochar biotechnological (solid state fermentation) formulation and soil applications, carbon based resource and nutrient added value recycling from the agriculture and food industry (especially phosphorous and nitrogen from food grade animal bone meal), soil science. Work field coverage: from applied science into industrial engineering and agri/enviro commercial field applications.

TERRA Humana Ltd has been established in 1989, as Swedish-Hungarian joint venture between the Swedish environmental engineer Edward Someus and Lang Machine Works (since 1868 as Central Europe's largest industrial boiler and carbon processing manufacturing organization (now Alstom Power). Terra Humana Ltd. has been independent SME organization since year 2001. The TERRA company mission is to develop, engineering design and manufacture of novel bio-waste and biochar based technologies and organic waste treatment systems on EU level for advanced bio-char processing by pyrolysis and biotech means for the industry and agriculture. TERRA is the only one biochar vendor in Europe, with official and accredited Authority permit to use qualified and eco-safe biochar in open ecological soil environment (permit number 02.5/67/7/2009). During the past two decades the company put in huge human and instant financial efforts to develop innovative eco-industrial advanced solutions, design, implement and tests “product like” field plants to meet SME specific market demands in the EU 27, USA and Asia. Extensive scientific and SME industrial networks developed in 10 EU countries and in the USA with large number RTD partners, Universities, large institutions, SME and large industrial organizations, especially in the NL, DE, FR, IT, ES. The SME company is having advanced and well equipped research, laboratory and field test facilities in Hungary with 12 high qualified work force and extensive SME cooperation on international level.

Participant role in the project: Terra will manage the Scientific Management and assessment of the project with the objective to fulfil all project goals, including financial and administrative management, preparation of progress and annual scientific and financial reports for the Commission and monitoring the timely delivery of deliverables and milestones in the WP0. Terra main scientific works will be done in the field of thermal processing, such as WP2 biochar assessment, of available technologies and products, WP5 biochar technology improvement for 'end-of-waste' biochar production, compost biotechnological improvement in the Task4.2 compost fungus microbiological strategy, Task 7.1. biochar BAT demonstration and biochar material production, WP8 biochar field validation tests, and key player in the dissemination WP10 and visibility.