Food Village exhibitions, 12-13 October, Brussels, Belgium

REFERTIL project has been selected by the Commission for the Food Village exhibition which will be organised at SQUARE in Brussels 12-13.10.2016 as a side event of the Food2030 Conference. For more information >>

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REFERTIL Biochar project results brossure (pdf)

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Final meeting EU-COST Action "BIOCHAR" - September 28-30, Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany

Refertil poster peresentation

Agenda (pdf)>>

Edward Someus: Development of EU/MS/REACH mandatory permits and policy support towards improved European biochar regulations and law harmonisation for biochar industrial production, safe products and placing on the market, Oral presentation (pdf)>>

Poster presentation:

Conference Booklet:

REFERTIL - Advance Compost and Biochar Processing: Solution for Economical Phosphorus Recovery Conference, 17-18 September 2015. Toledo, Spain

Agenda (pdf)>>

Conference presentation abstract book (pdf)>>

Conference Summary published in Scopne Newsletter (Number 117, September 2015, page 20-24)>>

REFERTIL presentations:

  • Edward Someus, Introduction of the Refertil project
  • Edward Someus, ABC-Animal Bone bioChar, ahigh grade recovered P-fertiliser
  • Zoltan Palotai, Zsolt Hantosi, Gabor Bordos, Biochar quality & safety - accredited biochar analysis
  • Massimo Pugliese, Maria Lodovica Gullino, Angelo Garibaldi, Use of compost and biochar in agriculture: experiences from the Refertil project
  • Annette V. Vestergaard, Biochar: field trials and agronomical evaluation
  • José María Gómez, Inmaculada González, László Alexa, Szilárd Köles, Nutrients (N and P) recovery optimization through composting: the REFERTIL results
  • Henning von Alten, Transfer of P from biochar and compost to plants with the help of arbuscular mycorrhiza
  • J. Postma, E.H. Nijhuis, Organic amendments to improve disease suppressiveness of soils
  • Edward Someus, Summary of the REFERTIL policy support work and biochar permitting
  • José María Gómez, Inmaculada González, László Alexa, Szilárd Köles, REFERTIL compost and digestate: the need for policy, technologies and good practices

REFERTIL Poster presentation:


REFERTIL on Biochar Expo, June 25-27th 2015, Milan, Italy

The Congress “Biochar: outcomes from the EU REFERTIL project” is organized by Agroinnova – University of Torino within the exhibition “BIOCHAR EXPO” that will present both the most recent technological features and the most innovative solutions and ideas on biochar. Also other EU projects on biochar will attend the event.
Brochures and newsletters of Refertil project has been provided to participants, and a workshop presenting Refertil activities has been carried out by Massimo Pugliese and Edward Someus.

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Compost and Biochar Safety, Economy and EU law Harmonization Conference, REFERTIL - FERTIPLUS joint Conference

June 23, 2015 Brussels, Flemish Goverment Bulding

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REFERTIL Abstract Booklet (pdf)>>

REFERTIL presentations:

  • Edward Someus, Introduction of the REFERTIL project
  • Edward Someus, Biochar processing technology improvements towards economical industrial scale
  • Zoltan Palotai, Zsolt Hantosi, Gabor Bordos, Biochar quality and safety - accredited biochar analysis
  • Edward Someus, Summary of the REFERTIL policy support work
  • Massimo Pugliese, Maria Lodovica Gullino, Angelo Garibaldi, Use of compost and biochar in agriculture: experiences from the REFERTIL project
  • Lars Elsgaard, Biochar effects on potential nitrification and ecotoxicity of organic xenobiotics agricultural soil
  • Annette V. Vestergaard, Use of plant based biochar from the farmer's point of view
  • Lea Lavrič, Danillo Lenart, Edward Someus, REFERTIL biochar feasibility study
  • Edward Someus, Conversion of science into industrial practice: biochar scale up, industrialization and authority permit
  • J. Postma & E.H. Nijhuis, Organic amendments to improve disease supressiveness of soils
  • Henning von Alten, Effects on biochar and compost applications on formation and function of mycorrhizal symbioses
  • José María Gómez Palacios, Compost harmonization in the EU: the REFERTIL contribution


Download Conference flyer and agenda (pdf)>>

Hungalimentaria 2015 - April 22-23 2015, Budapest, Hungary

A conference organised by Wessling Hungary Ltd. and NÉBIH (National Food Chain Safety Office, Hungary)

Oral (by Edward Someus and Zoltan Palotai) presentation and poster presentation of  Refertil project.










Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment - Workshop - March 4, 2015, Berlin, Germany

The workshop "Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment" brought together 80 participants and 28 nutrient recycling research and demonstration projects funded by the EU
(FP7, LIFE+, InterReg) as well as nationally funded projects and industry initiatives.

REFERTIL is presented by flash presentation and posters.

Workshop summary report document (PDF)>>

European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference - March 5-6, 2015, Berlin, Germany

Poster presentations of the Refertil project:

  1. Edward Someus: Animal bone biochar concentrated organic phosphorus fertiliser
  2. Jose Maria Gomez Palacios: Nutrients (N&P) recovery optimisation through composting process: the REFERTIL results

Stand exhibition:

Conference programme>>

ESPP catalogue of nutrient recycling project and networks>>

Recent development opportunities for waste management, 29 January, 2015, Szarvas Hungary

Edward Someus,REFERTIL: recycling treated organic waste as bio-char products by improved 3R zero emission pyrolysis technology (presentation)>>

International Conferences on Innovative technologies in organic horticultural production, 23-24 October 2014, Skierniewice, Poland

Agenda (pdf)>>

Edward Someus made presentation under Session I: Products and technologies for organic horticulture: Edward Someus (Refertil ), REFERTIL: recycling and economical reuse of concentrated "ABC" Animal Bone biochar, natural organic phosphorous fertilizer in horticulture (pdf)>>

REFERTIL abstract also published in the Conference Book of Abstracts (page 27):

Edward Someus, REFERTIL: RECYCLING AND ECONOMICAL REUSE OF CONCENTRATED “ABC” ANIMAL BONE BIOCHAR ORGANIC PHOSPHOROUS FERTILIZER NATURAL PRODUCT IN HORTICULTURE, International conferences on Innovative Technologies in organic horticultural production, Book of abstracts, Research Institute of horticulture.


Regions at work for the Bio-Economy, How to help entrepreneurs to convert bio-waste into efficient fertilisers in a fair regulatory framework and financially de-risked environment, 7-9 July 2014, Rennes, France.
A workshop organised by the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General in cooperation with the Region Bretagne.

REFERTIL Presentations:


BUSINESS DIALOGUE - 12 June 2014, 8:30h – 14:30h, rue de la Science 14, Brussels

Green Carbon Conference, 1-3 April, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

The Conference theme of Green Carbon aims was to clarify and highlight the often invisible yet vital link between Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and soil health, and the role this link plays in the sustainability of agricultural production and the flow of ecosystem services.

REFERTIL published in the conference book of abstract (page 76):

Edward Someus, REFERTIL: biochar policy support and economic aspects in the EU (pdf)>>

Edward Someus made oral presentation under Theme 4: Economic and political aspects of “Carbon farming”:  Edward Someus, REFERTIL: biochar policy support and economic aspects in the EU.

E2BEBIS – Environmental and Economic Benefits from Biochar Clusters in the Central Area. Prague, Czeh Rebublic, 14-15-November, 2013


Seminar Biochar and Biomass, KGZ, Maribor Slovenia, 26.11.13

Lea Lavrič (KOTO d.o.o.) presented  the Refertil project



EU COST Action Biochar & eBRN- Joint Meeting of WGs, MC and Stakeholders

Edward Someus presentatation at the Stakeholders meeting: Biochar legislation efforts related to the EU FERTILIZER REGULATION revision, Plant based biochar economy, ABC Animal Bone based biochar economy


International Soil Platform 26/28 September, 2013 Pulawy, Poland


P-REX, Phosphorus Consultation, Recycled Phosphorus Fertilizer- Market Chances and Requirements. 17/09/2013, Poděbrady, Czech Republic

Phosphorus Stakeholders workshop.

Prex-workshop programme (pdf)>>

Interactive tables (pdf)>>

10th International Congress of Plant Pathology 25-30 August, 2013, ICPP Bejing, China

The microbiological development work of the REFERTIL project is presented by Dr. Joeke Postma


1st International Terra Preta Sanitation Conference in Hamburg 28/31 August 2013.

FP7 REFERTIL presentation by E. Someus (Sweden): Reducing mineral fertilisers and chemicals use in agriculture by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bio-char products  (Friday, 30 August 2013, 10:40)

For more information: 


BRIDGE - BioBased Public Private Partnership, Stakeholder event, 4th July 2013, Budapest, Hungary



European Economic and Social Committee Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment section presentation, 25-March, 2013, Brussels, Belgium

The REFERTIL has been specifically selected for important presentation in front of the European Economic and Social Committee Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment section. The highly successful REFERTIL presentation made in front of 150 Commission delegates from the EU27 and important / constructive debate was followed. This event is clearly demonstrationg that many EU sections following up our works in the REFERTIL.