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Scientists from a European research project called Refertil are trying to develop an organic phosphorous fertilizer out of an unlikely ingredient; pig bones.

The bones are burnt at an average temperature of 600ºC, in an oxygen-free vacuum. No gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The resulting product, known as bone biochar, is rich in minerals and, unlike agro-chemical fertilizers, it is virtually free of heavy metals. Seemingly, an ideal organic phosphorous fertilizer, according to the researchers.



Do Plants Eat Skeletons? - Do You Know?


Sure you'll be surprised by the answer, provided by Swedish environmental engineer Edward Soméus, an expert in innovative organic fertilizers whom we met in rural Hungary in a demonstration plant... full of pig bones.

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This short film is showing the accredited and well documented sample perparation and analysis methods in the Wessling laboratory.


LUH Rhododendron trials



Interview on the Hungarian news channel (Hír TV)

Interview with Edward Someus (Coordinator, Terra Humana Ltd.) and Zoltan Palotai (Wessling Hungary Ltd.)


Interview on the Hungarian news channel (Hír TV)

Interview was made with Edward Someus (Coordinator, Terra Humana Ltd.) on the revision of the Fertiliser Regulation.