Survey Questionnaire: biochar and compost consumer (farmer) acceptance evaluation

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Thank you for participating in this questionnaire about Biochar and Compost. The purpose is to determine the possible market for Biochar and improved Compost products in relation to the EU FERTRILIZER REGULATION revision.

The questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Responses to the survey are anonymous and all completed survey material is strictly confidential.

The questionnaire are divided into three sections; a general section about the respondent, a Biochar section and a Compost section.

The results from this study will be used to examine the following:

  • Consumer acceptance evaluation of Biochar and Compost.
  • Socio-economic analysis and feasibility of REFERTIL Biochar and Compost technologies.
  • Evaluation of the awareness of the Biochar and Compost materials.
  • Evaluation of the market response to REFERTIL Biochar and Compost products.
  • Evaluation of the potential barriers of the Biochar and Compost technologies.


The REFERTIL Project

Industrial agriculture relies on continual inputs of mined and non-renewable phosphorus and energy-intensive nitrogen supply. It is estimated that human activity has doubled the global amount of reactive nitrogen in circulation; while tripled the amount of Phosphorus since the industrial revolution. There is a strong need for increased sustainability and for closing the nutrient loop in agriculture with the creation of a virtuous cycle between urban and rural areas. In this context, reducing the use of mineral fertilisers and chemicals in agriculture is the key priority objective that can be achieved by recycling and reusing treated organic waste as compost and biochar products. The products of the REFETIL project will be a safe, economical and high efficient Biochar and Compost, containing natural Phosphorous and Nitrogen that can be economically and environmental friendly used by SME farmers in conservation agriculture.

Yours Sincerely,
Edward Someus