Invitation to join to the Stakeholder’s Group for the EU FP7 Project titled:

“Improvement of comprehensive bio-waste transformation and nutrient recovery treatment processes for production of combined natural products (REFERTIL)”
(KBBE-2011-5 289785)

On behalf of the EU FP7 REFERTIL Consortium I would like to invite you for active participation to the Stakeholder platform voluntary works, that directly interconnection you to an European Commission initiated compost/biochar standardization programme.


1.1. Basic information on the REFERTIL project:

REFERTIL objective: improvement of common compost quality standards and development of new biochar quality standards for the EU 27 by 2013 for European Union Commission regulation law harmonization support. The aim of the REFERTIL project is about improved compost standardization and new standard development for biochar in the EU27, for safer, better, less costly and more environmental friendly utilization of the EU27 generated 150 M t/y plant/animal biomass waste streams.

1.2. Contribution conditions for the Stakeholders’ group members:

Proposed Members of the Stakeholders’ Platform: organic waste stream producers, processors, business interests, environmental professionals, representatives from waste management, agriculture,
environmental protection, soil carbon management as well as and policy makers targeted from worldwide, - for progressive, constructive, professional public information, consultation and experience exchange on the platform, that is supporting improved utilization of global organic waste streams for combined environmental/climate protection and economical development. The platform is open for qualified industrial organizations and companies, associations, policy makers, non-profit organizations, Universities and Research Institutes. Stakeholders are indirectly interlinked active and voluntary free cooperation parties of the improvement of common compost and biochar quality standards EU legislation harmonization consultation works, that is targeting all the EU 27, which may also serve as international law harmonization model.

Restricted membership: The REFERTIL stakeholder group, although its public performance is not public open platform as only professionals and experts invited.

Global discussion and information platform: for all those interesting partners who are having any technical, economical, environmental, social aspect, policy development and/or law harmonization interest for safer, better, less costly and more environmental friendly utilization of plant/animal biomass waste streams.

Voluntary, free, unconditional and no obligations for any party with cooperation possibility, subject to that applicant demonstrating competence, strong reference and high level of professional qualification in any directly/indirectly related elements of the field of the topic, including industrial investors, business and financial organizations as well.

1.3. How to join to the Stakeholders’ group members:

Please confirm your participation by sending a signed Letter of Accession containing that you would like to participate in the EU FP7 REFERTIL Stakeholders’ Group work and accept the Conditions described in Section 1.2. of this letter. Please also enclose to your letter a Company/Organisation intro, CVs and references of the key persons, detailed contact information (name, e-mail address, web page, tel/fax, etc.).
Att: Mr. Edward Someus, e-mail: or

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours.

Edward Someus