Milan, Italy – June 25-27th 2015

Date: Friday, June 26th
Venue: Garden of the Faculty of Agriculture, Via Celoria 2, University of Milan (Garden)
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Seminar EU REFERTIL PROJECT: “Biochar: outcomes from the EU REFERTIL project”

The Congress “Biochar: outcomes from the EU REFERTIL project” is organized by Agroinnova – University of Torino within the exhibition “BIOCHAR EXPO” that will present both the most recent technological features and the most innovative solutions and ideas on biochar. Also other EU projects on biochar will attend the event.
Brochures and newsletters of Refertil project will be provided to participants, and a workshop presenting Refertil activities will be carried out by Massimo Pugliese and Edward Someus.

The meeting is open to the public For information please contact: Dr. Massimo Pugliese –