Organic fertilization is beneficial and farmers use it all over the world. The application of fertilizers can improve the production by 40% - 60%. Lately, the use of fertilizers manages to gain more ground compared to fertilization with fertilizers.

The main benefits of using organic fertilizers:

  1. They improve the soil structure. The organic material is released into the soil under the influence of microorganisms and other factors.
  2. They improve the soil structure, aeration, environment, retaining capacity and infiltration of air into the soil.
  3. They ensure a safe environment.
  4. People get to enjoy non-toxic foods.
  5. They keep the soil's high quality.

In September 2015, a finite reference project will be revolutionized in the agricultural industry by recycling organic waste and compost and biocarbon products.

Biochar originates in different types of vegetable and animal by-products. For more details, please watch this video.

This recycling process involves the production of an organic phosphorus product known as animal bony biochar.

This will make a significant contribution to the significant reduction of phosphate and carbon, which is considered extremely harmful to man and the environment.

At the base of soil, fertilization is composting. It can be obtained from any unpolluted, organic material that uses both the solid part of animal manure and plant debris: straw, herbs, tree cleansing, grasses before seed formation, ash, fruit, and vegetable craps. Going through a relatively long process, this is a beneficial and productive outcome. The process is fairly explained here and here.

The reference project has already been put into application by 11 countries. 11 high-quality partners are working to improve composting, focusing on the interests of SMEs.

A good environment, a healthier way of life for the people.

Another advantage of bio-carbonate is its micro-phytate consistency that provides a shelter for beneficial soil microorganisms, such as various types of fungus and bacteria.

Using them will significantly reduce health problems and provide a more favorable environment.

So what are ultimately the objectives of the project Refertil?

The primary target is to transform industrial waste from farms into a revenue-generating activity. That is because the products resulting from this process offer safe and standardized economic conditions beneficial to farmers. This will result in improved food security and environment.

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