Mr. Edward Someus/Terra Humana Ltd. has been selected for member of the EIP-AGRI (run by the European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development) Nutrient Recycling Focus Group.

The aim of the Nutrient Recycling Focus Group: How to improve the agronomic use of recycled nutrients (N and P) from livestock manure and other organic sources?

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  • Identify relevant techniques (e.g. composting, bio-digestion, etc.) to process livestock manure and other organic sources and assess the agronomic and environmental value of the derived products (e.g. nutrient availability, quality, impacts on soils, contaminants, etc.).
  • Contextually, identify tools and instruments to help farmers to measure the nutrient content (and availability for crops) and recommendations for the application of these products.
  • Analyse economic and technical factors (e.g. livestock management practices, sanitary aspects, etc.) that stimulate or limit the use of these products in agriculture and indicate how to address them exploring the role of innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Illustrate possible strategies to adapt derived products to market demands (e.g. development of quality standards) and successful business cases that exist at farm level, local and regional scale.
  • Identify research needs from practice, possible gaps in technical knowledge, and further research work to address them.
  • Suggest innovative solutions and provide ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.