EU wide evaluating contest of the available composting technologies and compost products.

To the owners/operators of the composting plants.

On behalf of the European Commission contracted FP7 REFERTIL Consortium we, the Compost Group of REFERTIL, would like to invite you and your composting plant into a very detailed evaluating challenge where the selected composting technologies/plants will be analyzed from the considerations of the environment, technology, legislation and cost-effectiveness.

The main target of this contest is evaluating approximately 15 different composting technologies and compost products from the member states of the European Union. The evaluation of the composting technologies will be done in correlation with the 2008/98/EC WFD End-of-Waste (EoW) regime criterion. A composting technologies and compost product matrix database will be set up on the results of this benefit and risk evaluation analyzing.

Based on the collected data of the involved composting plants (technology and product) an objective scoring procedure will be carried out and the 5 best available compost production technologies will be selected for a detailed environmental and efficiency assessment and evaluation into the EU FP7 REFERTIL project framework.

In that case, if you like to participate in this composting technologies evaluation challenge one of the REFERTIL Partners will visit your composting plant and the applied compost survey form will be filled in with the requested data. Also several photos of the identified technological units of your composting plant must be taken because the evaluating itself will be executed by the Compost Group of REFERTIL (BGU – Spain and PROFIKOMP – Hungary).

If you are interested in this contest please send an e-mail to the e-mail address with some basic information (name of the composting plant, location, contractual person’s name and e-mail address, web page, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation!

For and on behalf of the EU FP7 REFERTIL (289785) European Union composting technologies and compost product evaluation programme: .

Att.: Mr. Szabolcs Csuzi (PROFIKOMP), e-mail:,

Contact of the Coordinator of REFERTIL Project:
Coordinator and key technology designer:
Mr. Edward Someus, Terra Humana Clean Technology Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Ltd.