International call for biochar technology and product quality contest
Submission date of Letter of Intent: open in 2012


On behalf of the European Commission contracted FP7 REFERTIL Consortium we are searching for available commercial, industrial or pilot scale tested recycling technologies suitable for  biochar production and use in open ecological soil environment. In this context, we would like to clearly identify market available biochar vendor(s) and the biochar technology owner(s). Laboratory  scale, research units or home made biochar solutions will not be selected for evaluation.

In this advanced biochar technology contest, where the best available biochar production technologies will be selected for detailed environmental and efficiency assessment and evaluation in the EUFP7 REFERTIL project framework.

First in the world, a Government – in that case the European Union - takes progressive initiative to develop  official, accredited and EU27 mandatory standards for biochar production and applications,  which progress is happening within the REFERTIL project frame October 1, 2011 - October 1, 2013. 
The goals of the REFERTIL EU biochar standardization are clear, that are improving resources recycling and utilization efficiency, and develop new economy with associated environmental benefits.  In this context biochar eco-innovation is far more important now-days and in the future than ever, as there is a direct interconnection between the ongoing and long lasting economical crisis and the environmental / resource efficiency, for which new solutions and eco-innovations must needed. 
The low grade and underdeveloped environmental technology management is directly inter linked to the current and future coming economic crisis. Wasting environmental resources could spark new - even more deeper - economical recession. The overuse and waste of valuable natural resources is threatening to produce a fresh economic crisis as well. 
In this context the REFERTIL is searching for cooperation with industrial type biochar technologies with sustainable economical and environmental performance, which would certainly expand the market opportunities of the competitive biochar producers. 
Biochar technologies, products and applications will be FREE EVALUATED and compared as “apple to apple”, which evaluation results will effectively help and guide all interested and involved partners in the biochar business. 
Biochar process evaluation and confidentiality agreement will be signed with all biochar cooperative partners and only public information will be launched. 
The 'win-win” position for the competitive and advanced biochar technology vendors will be an professional and independent evaluation report, furthermore highlighted and listed in  the EU Commission reports.
If you are advanced biochar technology vendor and would like to progress in the EU 27 biochar markets, than please confirm your participation intention by sending a signed Letter of Accession / Letter of Intent before February 29, 2012, including your confirmed intention that you will submit technical, economical and environmental public information about your technology. Please also enclose to your letter a Company/Organization intro, Cvs, references of the key persons, and contact information (name, e-mail address, web page, skype, etc.)
For and on behalf of the EU FP7 REFERTIL (289785) European Union biochar standardization programme:
Att: Mr. Edward Someus, e-mail:  or .
Thank you for your cooperation.
Edward  Someus