The 2nd REFERTIL Spain Regional Workshop will take placein Toledo, with expected attendance from all Spain, including representatives from state, regional and local administrations, research centers and universities, recycling and fertilisers companies, and representatives from farmers SMEs and farmers unions. Registration is free of charge, by sending an e-mail to

The Programme will cover the main following issues:

  • Introductory session of REFERTIL results on Composting technologies evaluation and improvement, with the introduction to the pyrolysis and bichar issue.
  • Session on agronomical evaluation of high quality compost and biochar, with the participation as speakers of Massimo Pugliesefrom AGROINNOVA-Unitorino (REFERTIL) and Miguel Sánchez-Monedero from FERTIPLUS is scheduled.
  • Last session on standardisation on biowaste compost and organic fertilisers, with the participation of representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, ending in a roundtable with participation of representatives from other projects related to REFERTIL: FERTIPLUS, SCOW, PIROLEV, FLEXINER and Administrations.

The 2nd REFERTIL Spain Open Day will be held after the 2nd REFERTIL Regional Workshop in Toledo, to facilitate attendance to the Open Day for the Workshop attendees, together with farmers, farmers unions and other compost and biochar potential users together from the Toledo, Ciudad Real, Gualdalajara  and Madrid provinces. Registration is free of charge, by sending an email to

  • Visit to the BIOMASA DEL GUADALQUIVIR End of Waste Compost BATs demo trials in Algodor Recycling Center.
  • Presentation of results of REFERTIL compost quality and compost lab, greenhouse and field agronomical evaluation.
  • Explanation for farmer attendees and filling of REFERTIL Evaluation Questionnaire on compost and biochar use.
  • Results on other biowaste treatement R&D activities : Anaerobic digestion of fruits and vegetables and pyrolysis of vineyards prunings.